New Northen Lab Defined Media for soil bacteria

Northen Lab researchers Markus de Raad, Peter Andeer, Suzanne Kosina, Nicholas Saichek, Amber Golini, La Zhen Han, Ying Wang, Benjamin Bowen, and Trent Northen are authors on the paper “A Defined Medium for Cultivation and Exometabolite Profiling of Soil Bacteria.” 

Traditional media for microbial growth do not take into account metabolite profiling requirements for LCMS. However, the Northen Lab Defined Media (NLDM) aims to support LCMS analysis and the growth of diverse soil bacteria. The compounds chosen were based on existing R2A, soil, stoichiometry experiments, and known metabolite usage by bacteria, and were shown to support 108 of 110 isolates tested. 

Exometabolomics was used to track the metabolite profiles of media controls and isolates. Some bacteria exuded NLDM metabolites, along with metabolites not present in the media; it was also found that isolates from the same family and genus had similar metabolite usage profiles. 

Image: Exometabolite profiles cluster by phylogeny

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de Raad, M., Li, Y. V., Kuehl, J. V., Andeer, P. F., Kosina, S. M., Hendrickson, A., Saichek, N. R., Golini, A. N., Han, L. Z., Wang, Y., Bowen, B. P., Deutschbauer, A. M., Arkin, A. P., Chakraborty, R., & Northen, T. R. (2022b). A Defined Medium for Cultivation and Exometabolite Profiling of Soil Bacteria. Frontiers in Microbiology, 13.